Wuthering Heights



Against the wild stormy background of the Northern English Moors, the passion of Heathcliff and his love, Catherine Earnshaw, tear apart a family leaving death and destruction behind them. In her brooding novel, Emily Bronte, draws a picture of two lovers whose attachment to each other is so strong that they cannot truly survive separation. The story is told mostly through the eyes of Nelly Dean, Catherine Earnshaw's former servant. She tells the story to Lockwood, who has rented Thrushcourt Grange from his neighbor, Heathcliff, of Wuthering Hieghts.

Wuthering Heights had once been owned by the Earnshaws and Catherine had been raised there. Her father had come home from a trip to Liverpool with a young orphan he had found. As Heathcliff joined the two Earnshaw children in their household, he was hated by the older Hindley but soon came to be loved and to love the younger Catherine. Catherine is beautiful but headstrong. She is always determined to get what she wants. Heathcliff and Catherine became inseperable. As Hindley continues to treat Heathcliff cruelly, his father sends him away allowing Heathcliff to remain at home. This furthers Hindley's hatred of Heathcliff and upon his father's death he returns home and Heathcliff finds himself a disliked servant rather than a family member, but he remains because of his love for Catherine. However, when Catherine is hurt and must spend five weeks at neighboring Thrushcourt Grange, then owned by the Lintons, she is attracted by their gracious lifestyle and becomes attracted to young Edgar Linton, damaging her relationship with Heathcliff. Hurt, Heathcliff leaves Wuthering Heights swearing to return someday and Catherine marries Edgar Linton, knowing that she truly loves Heathcliff.

Three years pass and noone hears of Heathcliff until he returns one day, mysteriously wealthy and planning revenge. He spends time with Hindley urging him to drink and gambling. His plan, which succeeds, is to get Hindley in debt to him and when Hindley dies, Heathcliff becomes the owner of Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff begins to call on Catherine, who cannot deny her passion for him. Edgar becomes enraged forcing Catherine to choose between him and Heathcliff. Catherine cannot choose and dies giving birth to a daughter, Cathy. Heathcliff, blaming Linton for Catherine's death takes revenge on him by wooing and marrying his sister, Isabella, whom he treats miserably till she runs away and later dies. He also takes revenge by abusing Hindley's son, Hareton, who is in his custody and later also abusing his own son, Linton, by Isabella. Heathcliff also arranges for the marriage of Cathy Linton to his own son Linton. Soon after this Edgar dies and Linton dies. Now Cathy is basically a servant to the malevolent Heathcliff. However while at Wuthering Hieghts, Cathy falls in love with the abused Hareton and the book ends as Heathcliff becomes increasingly obsessed with the belief that Catherine's ghost is visiting him. Heathcliff chases her ghost onto the moors and soon dies. Catherine and Hareton marry leaving Wuthering Heights for Thrushcourt Grange, and supposedly the ghosts of Catherine and Heathcliff are still wandering the moors together.