100 Soruluk Kelime Testi



1. How often do you eat supper ?

a. last night
b. the day after tomorrow
c. every night
d. sunday

2. How about a cup of coffee ?

a. Yes I do.
b. Yes, please
c. No, please
d. No, I don't.

3. What can we do in a bank ?

a. mail a letter
b. send a package
c. open an account
d. buy a suit

4. It's four fifteen. What time is it ?

a. 4:15 hours
b. quarter to four
c. 15:15 hours
d. a quarter past four

5. He has a scholarship. What does he have ?

a. a government support
b. a class in the morning
c. a ship for traveling
d. a shower

6. He must go to the dentist

a. He should go
b. He has to go
c. He is able to go
d. He ought to go

7. She is preparing coffee

a. repairing
b. fixing
c. doing
d. stirring

8. Mary should get in touch with her mother

a. contact
b. see
c. call
d. call in

9. He ignored the blinking yellow light

a. bright
b. mid
c. flash
d. turning on and off

10. He got the right answer

a. correct
b. false
c. answer on the right
d. opposite left

11. Tickets are available for the show tonight.

a. expensive
b. cheap
c. sold out

12. Mary got to class on time

a. She was early
b. she was late
c. She was panty
She was punctual
13. The flight was canceled because of the rain

a. called off
b. called of
c. called for
d. called out

14. Silver and gold are metals

a. cheap
b. usual
c. expensive
d. common

15. The room is stuffy.

a. crowded
b. hot
c. cold
d. with no (fresh) air

16. You should do some physical training.

a. exercise
b. physics
c. military training
d. studying

17. He also speaks Spanish quite / well

a. many
b. pretty
c. much
d. quality

18. He tore his new suit

a. took away
b. took apart
c. took part in
d. took up

19. John made a good grade on the exam.

a. got a good mark
b. copy some of it
c. wrote on the mark
d. sold his score

20. His car has much dirt on it

a. it needs to be fixed
b. it needs to be washed
c. it needs to be painted
d. it needs to be waxed

21. My hotel room faces Madison Avenue

a. look out of
b. look in on
c. look out on
d. look on out

22. Sue broke away from the crowd

a. joined away
b. joint from
c. scared of
d. stopped associating

23. Keep your eyes on the road

a. Be aware of
b. Be up for
c. had them fixed
d. got it cheap

24. The students checked out their suitcases.

a. registered
b. paid for
c. had them fixed
d. got it cheap

25. My father enjoy reading the local news.

a. news in the continental
b. news in abroad
c. news in the city
d. news in the states

26. He fixed my car in an hour .

a. in a period of an hour
b. by a period of an hour
c. after one o'clock
d. between two hours

27. Tom is a very neat person

a. tiny
b. tidy
c. tone
d. Tommy

28. Mr. Jones tried out the plane

a. fixed
b. tested
c. tasted
d. toasted

29. The hotel rooms are expensive

a. not cheap
b. cheap
c. available
d. properly

30. I took swimming last year.

a. went
b. studied
c. gone
d. made

31. Robert failed in his last exam.

a. passed
b. didn't pass
c. succeeded
d. got a good grade

32. The weather was cloudy but it cleaned up last night

a. made rainy
b. became windy
c. became
d. hail stormed

33. Steve is not afraid to fly sole
a. with an instructor
b. alone
c. in the back
d. in the front

34. I'm not used to drinking coffee

a. be used for
b. be accustomed to
c. be accustom to
d. be not accustomed to

35. Don't try this one on

a. test
b. fix
c. shorten
d. lengthen

36. The sleeves are not long enough

a. They are too long
b. They are short
c. They are wide
They are loose

37. Mary wrote a letter to Insurance Company

a. to get a letter
b. to borrow money
c. to compensate for the accident
d. to get her mother work

38. The merchandise are expensive here.

a. good
b. well
c. goods
d. wells

39. The suit for summer are on sale.

a. expensive
b. cheap (at a reduced price)
c. available
d. common

40. Mr. Smith and Mr. Brown are business partners.
a. friends with each other
b. doctors on the land
c. associated with another
d. communicate with another

41. The students made up their minds to go to party.

a. went
b. wanted
c. declared
d. decided

42. Occasionally Joe is going to the movies.

a. Sometimes
b. rarely
c. usually
d. always

43. John is irritated with his friends.

a. bothered (annoyed)
b. talked
c. rewarded
d. communicated

44. They left out important words.

a. skipped
b. memorized
c. got use to
d. went on

45. He dreads going to the dentist.

a. is willing to
b. isn't afraid of
c. fears
d. feathers

46. You should report at headquarters at once.

a. immidiately
b. scarcely
c. promptly
d. at one time

47. Today's lecture is heard by everybody.

a. menu
b. talk
c. device of record
d. woman

48. He pointed the corner and said " please sit there

a. He sit in the corner
b. He sit on the corner
c. He sit under the corner
d. He sit somewhere in the back

49. He said instrument Panel is very important.

a. a place where you sit
b. a place where you hang
c. a board holding the gauges
d. a vehicle you get on

50. He bought a light-weight uniform

a. clothes for flying
b. clothes for swimming
c. clothes for training
d. clothes for summer

51. He asked where he could find the weather news.

a. in the want ads section
b. in the weather report section
c. on the first page
d. on the editorial page

52. Larry seems very antagonistic

a. hostile
b. friendly
c. anxious
d. Hungary

53. We had a thundershower last night.

a. a rain with snow
b. a rain with lightning
c. a snow with ice
d. a rain with sunlight..

54. Synthetic fabrics are made from _______________ .

a. wool
b. cotton
c. artificial things
d. big plants

55. In summer 98% saturated air means __________ .

a. snow
b. clear, sunny day
c. lightning
d. rain

56. A thermometer is used to measure _______________ .

a. pressure
b. temperature
c. density
d. humidity

57. Competitive sports are ___________ .

a. played with a team against another
b. played with everybody
c. played with children
d. played with a group

58. Scales are used for ____________ .

a. stealing objects
. b. weighing objects
c. treasury of objects
d. driving objects

59. The man said turn off the faucet. He wanted us to __________ .

a. switch on
b. switch off
c. switch of
switch up

60. The dentist drilled Haymoor's tooth.

a. made a hole
b. put a medicine
c. gave him a shot
d. broke his teeth

61. Their mission was to blow up the building.

a. erection
b. not to catch
c. assignment
d. situation

62. I don't want to interrupt you.

a. cut off
b. disconnect
c. cut out
d. cut in on

63. The sailors abandoned the burning ship.

a. watered
b. left
c. painted
d. burned

64. Nylon differs from silk as to origin and cost

a. to be like
b. to be similar
c. to be unlike
d. to be same

65. He said "Hold the phone, please,"

a. hang up
b. answer it
c. don't hang up
d. catch it

66. New York and Boston are port cities.

a. important cities
b. harbor cities
c. capital cities
d. large cities

67. I can pass this car before the oncoming car gets here.

a. passing
b. going
c. approaching
d. vanishing

68. I don't believe in supersititions.
a. magic
b. super things
c. good saying
d. bad beliefs

69. Mary and I do away with the old books.

a. threw away
b. eliminate
c. renew
d. restore

70. John is a _____________ student than Mary.

a. more
b. most
c. best
d. better

71. I saw John last night.

a. tomorrow night
b. the night before yesterday
c. yesterday
the other night

72. Which number is between 15 and 20.

a. 8
b. 10
c. 16
d. 23

73. In what season does snow fall?

a. spring
b. summer
c. fall
d. winter

74. What is the solid form of water?
a. ice
b. water
c. vapor
d. steam

75. Alice went to the movies two hours before 13.00. When did she go to the movies?

a. 09.00 hours
b. 11.00 hours
c. 13.00 hours
d. 15.00 hours

76. Bad weather hold up the flight.

a. canceled
b. decayed
c. delayed
d. deployed

77. There are many high buildings here.

a. height
b. large
c. wide
d. tall

78. I'll be back at ten o'clock.

a. in back of
b. return
c. detour
d. remind

79. Hotel prices are very expensive here.

a. tall
b. cheaper
c. high
d. reasonable

80. Sue was sitting next to Mary in class.

a. beside
b. besides
c. against
d. in back of

81. She has to see the doctor right away.

a. ought to
b. should
c. must
d. be able to

82. All soldiers stand by to receive a message.

a. standing in order
b. standing at ease
c. standing at attention
d. be prepared

83. People must put out their camp fires.

a. put it out of tent
b. extinguish
c. distinguish

84. He sensed very sick yesterday.

a. felt
b. got
c. was
d. looked

85. They'll leave there for good.

a. being rich
b. permanently
c. for a short time
d. for merchandise

86. Allen called his wife up last night.

a. called her upstairs
b. telegraph her
c. telephoned
d. reprimanded

87. My father is used to smoking

a. be accustomed to
b. become accustomed to
c. be accustom to
d. become accustom to

88. The plane will leave at 9.15 a.m.

a. arrive
b. depart
c. land
d. crash

89. Can I rely on you on this matter?

a. depend on
b. reply on
c. gripe
a. grape

90. This TV. set needs to be fixed.

a. have
b. gets
c. requires
d. wants

91. If you divide 100 by 5, the result is

a. 105
b. 500
c. 20
d. 95

92. The doctor looked the patient over carefully.

a. examined
b. gave a shot
c. gave a medicine
d. gave a prescription

93. Two plus two equals four. This process is called

a. multiplication
b. division
c. subtraction
d. addition

94. The plane landed the island.

a. in
b. on
c. at
d. from

95. You're in charge of the office.

a. have possession of
b. have responsibility for
c. have something done
d. have the money for

96. The storm made much damage last night.

a. strong
b. a lot of
c. severe
d. several

97. No, two dresses were alike.

a. two dresses were alike
b. two dresses were not alike
c. everyone's dresses were alike
d. everyone's dresses were different.

98. He called a cab so he will travel _____ .

a. by bus
b. by taxi
c. by private car
d. on a taxi

99. New York attracts many people every year.

a. many people visit there.
b. many people like there
c. some people spend a night there
d. everybody is pulled to New York

100. a. He looked the patient over.
b. He over looked the patient.
c. The patient looked he over.
d. The patient looked over him.